Sky Retail Installation provides nationwide decor and fixture installation, remodeling and project management services to leading retailers in all categories, as well as the fixture, display, and graphics companies that supply them. We have executed installs in over 2,000 big box stores, 120 military bases, 108 universities, 31 professional stadiums, and 18 corporate headquarters - Amazon, Facebook, and the Pentagon to name a few. We provide services for retailers, restaurants, convenience stores, sporting venues, universities, and much more.

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From flagship branches to small boutique locations, we’ve done them all, and we understand the importance of keeping up with branding and installing items at their highest quality.  With Sky Retail Installation, every installer goes through the same cross-training and assessment process to combat any potential for costly installation and to ensure a quality installation for as long as the decor is needed.


Sky was founded in the millwork business. 

The skillset is high, the quality is demanding

and the jobs are in every major city.  Due to these necessities, we started out with a core group of the best installers across the US. 

Since the very beginning, we have used the

skill set we honed in millwork in all of the services that we provide, making us a valuable partner like no other installation company.

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We provide surveys to deliver updates and final results with photographs, dimensions and peculiarities to ensure the project is conducted smoothly. We utilize high-tech video technology to generate 2D and 3D floor plans to gain a scope of inventory, location understanding, designing and more.


Retail merchandising creates the right image

to entice customers to buy products. It is our job to execute your merchandising plan, to increase sales and maximize profits. Whether a new store, a reset, or ongoing planogram management,

our team of merchandising professionals has

you covered.


Keeping in contact with clientele and making sure all needs are met are top priority. We use communication technologies to create an easy and cohesive connection with our clients and installers. Communication ensures that each project runs smoothly and on schedule.


We understand our clients’ needs for a fast

and affective installation experience. We like

to create descriptive project manuals and perform a test location or prototype to work through any unforeseen issues and/or to streamline processes. We recognize many

of these jobs are 24 hours and take place overnight so we go through many measures

to provide accurate results.